WordPress’s Parent Automattic Now Owns Tumblr…

That’s right. WordPress and Tumblr are now under the same umbrella…

Guess how much Automattic paid for Tumblr? $3 million. Which is $3 million more than it’s worth.

I hope WordPress and Tumblr’s communities don’t merge. Granted, WordPress doesn’t have a true community anyway, but those shameless jerks on Tumblr need to stay locked up. Don’t let their toxicity taint the rest of the Internet.

The articles and videos I’ve seen say that Tumblr will be “complementary to WordPress”. One YouTuber thinks Automattic will gut Tumblr and use its code to beef up WordPress. Tumblr itself is dead.

I hope they’re right. Tumblr is hell on the Internet. It’s amusing that banning porn is what killed it.

Good riddance.


“The Day” — My Hero Academia OP1

shizukesa ga shimikomu you de iki o tometa gozen goji
hijou kaidan de tsume o kamu asu wa docchi da

keshite akenai yoru mo furi tsuzukete yamanai ame mo
kono rokudemonai sekai ni wa aru n da yo

sukoshi mo hen de wa nai no madoromi ni ashi o torareteru
anata o semete iru wake ja nai n da yo

hitori kuusou ni asobu soko de omoi egaita koto made hajiru no kai

karami au meikyuu meikyuu sore demo yuku to iu no
chiisaki tabibito ga kanaderu hajimari no kane no ne
yuku atemo DON’T KNOW DON’T KNOW hontou wa kowai n ja nai no
fumidasu sono ippo ippo ga kaete yukeru sa THE DAY HAS COME


“Kaze o Tsukinukete” (trans. “Pierce Through the Wind”) — RockMan.EXE OP

mirai e to NABI o tore
doko made mo yukeru yo
kaze o tsukinukete KIMI to

machijuu ni habikoru MISUTERII
genjitsu no HAZAMA ni hisomu tegakari
JITTO shite rarenai tatta ima shiritai
yuuki no PURAGU IN tobi konde

semari kuru nazo o toke
OH ROKKUMAN futari de kotae mitsuketedasu no sa
akiramezu tatakau KIMI ga iru kagiri tsuyoku


Digimon 20th Anniversary Week, Pt. 5: I Was Bullied in Middle School For Watching Digimon

It all began summer 1999. Fox Kids started airing a promo for a new show called Digimon: Digital Monsters. Monsters made of computer data? A bunch of kids teaming up with them to save the world? Sounded cool to me.

I planned to watch it the day it premiered, but…I forgot. Maybe that’s because it was almost my birthday…and the beginning of the next school year. (The downside of being an August baby.)

As I was channel-surfing one Saturday morning, I caught the last few minutes of the third episode.

Oh, yeah! That monster show! I thought.

I watched the next episode, and from that day on, I was hooked.

Middle School Misery

I don’t know how my classmates found out I liked Digimon. Maybe I talked about it a lot, or maybe someone saw me with Digimon cards or an action figure. I also drew my own rip-off monsters on index cards and on binders.

Anyway, my classmates thought Digimon was a stupid show for little kids. That made me a childish moron for liking it. Bullies laughed at me constantly. They sang the theme song around me with made-up, mocking lyrics. And once when I accidentally left some of my artwork in my desk, someone threw it away.

The bullying escalated every year. One day during lunch, two boys approached me with rotten food in their hands. They’d left in their lockers on purpose, planning to pelt me with it. Other bullies came with them to watch.

Thankfully, I was sitting in the entrance to our gym. The boys didn’t wanna risk hitting it (or missing me), so they waited for me to get up. I did…and darted into the gym. A couple teachers were eating in the cafeteria. I told them what happened, and they caught the boys as they rounded the corner.

They weren’t done, though. Later, they created a fake profile for me on a social media site. (It’s not around anymore.) The profile had me saying vulgar things about myself — so vulgar that the site’s owner threatened to sue my school. He had traced the IP address of the computer they used to our computer lab. The principal suspended the boys for two weeks.

I went through stuff like this for three or four years, all because I loved a TV show my classmates hated.


Despite this, I kept watching the show. My brother and sister are also huge fans, too, so I could go home and feel supported. Now almost 20 years later, I’m still a fan. It’s one of my favorite anime.

I’ve met more Digimon fans in my adulthood than when I was a kid. Once before one of my college classes, a few of my classmates were talking about Digimon. I joined the conversation. It felt normal, even though I never could have done that in middle school.

Digimon has never had a huge following, but it’s still going strong and has a loyal, passionate fandom all over the world. It feels like it’s more popular right now than it’s ever been. It’s still treated like a poor man’s Pokémon, but the love for the series outweighs the hate. ❤️

Digimon 20th Anniversary Week, Pt. 4: What is Odaiba Memorial Day?

Today, August 1, is a special day for the Digimon fandom. We call it “Odaiba Memorial Day”, “Odaiba Day”, or “Digimon Day”. (I prefer Odaiba Memorial Day.) It’s the anniversary of the day the original seven kids from Digimon Adventure were transported to the Digital World. (They came from Odaiba, Japan.)

Spoiler alert!

About mid-season, the googlehead (leader) Tai Kamiya (Taichi Yagami in Japan) briefly returns to Earth. He notices his calendar says August 1, the same day he and his friends left. Time hasn’t moved in their world.

In next season’s episode “Odaiba Memorial” (Japanese title), all the main kids gather together on August 1 to reminisce about their adventures.

Odaiba Memorial Day means a lot not only to us fans, but also to Toei and Bandai, the creators of Digimon. In 2015, they launched an annual festival to help promote Digimon Adventure tri. The festival is now held every year on or around this date. They give away exclusive merchandise and talk about the future of the franchise.

Other things I remember on this day:

  • In the U.S., Walmart once had an Odaiba Memorial Day event, which included Digimon-themed activities and a sale on Digimon toys.
  • A few years ago, Toei surprised us by releasing Digimon Adventure and Digimon Adventure 02 in English and Japanese on Hulu.
  • In 2017, Arby’s posted about “Digimon Day” on Facebook and Twitter.

My Odaiba Memorial Day tradition is watching my favorite episodes of each season with my sister. I also sing all the Japanese opening themes. It’s also a fun way to learn Japanese.

Odaiba Memorial Day unites Digimon fans all over the world. Search #ObaibaDay, #OdaibaMemorialDay, #OdaibaMemorial, or #DigimonDay online, and you’ll see tons of fan art, photos, and videos celebrating the series. It’s one of my favorite things about this day.

Happy Odaiba Memorial Day to all my fellow Digi-Destined. 😁

Digimon 20th Anniversary Week, Pt. 3: Ranking All 12 Japanese Opening Themes

Eight seasons. One movie series. 12 opening themes to rank. 😵

No problem. I’ve ranked 16 songs before. 12 is nothing!

My rules were almost the same. I only judged the songs, not the sequences, and I focused on the anime openings, not the movie openings (although I think they’re the same). The only exception was Digimon Adventure tri. Even though it’s a series of movies, I think of it more as part of the anime. (Originally, it was gonna be another season.)

Let’s get Digi wit it!


The Bottom 4

12. “Gou-ing! Going! My Soul!!” (trans. “Forcibly Going! My Soul!!”) — Digimon Savers OP1

More like “Borring! Boring! My Soul!!” 😴

11. “GATCHEN!”Digimon Universe: Applimonsters OP2

Was it fair to put this song so far down the list? I don’t know. It’s not bad. Hmm… 🤔 (By the way, I have no idea what “gatchen” means.)

10. “Butter-Fly”Digimon Adventure

I feel like I ranked this song higher than “GATCHEN!” because of nostalgia. Shame on me. Oh, well.

9. “Target ~Akai Shougeki~” (trans. “Target ~Red Shock~”) — Digimon Adventure 02

Can’t say I like 02 more than the first season, but the smoother theme song wins out.

Middle of the Road

8. “The Biggest Dreamer”Digimon Tamers

Confession: I don’t like Tamers overall. I like some things about it, especially some of the characters, but I feel like it tries too hard to be creepy. Digimon isn’t a horror franchise. But I can appreciate a good theme song.

7. “FIRE!!”Digimon Frontier

Which song is better: this one or the English dub theme? 😛 (I like them both.)

6. “Hirari” (trans. “Nimbly”) — Digimon Savers OP2

This used to be one of my favorites. But after listening to all the themes one after another, I’m questioning myself. Did it deserve this rank? 🤔

5. “New World”Digimon Xros Wars OP2

I wish I could rank this theme last because of Cutemon and Dondokomon‘s dancing and Mervamon‘s…existing, but I’m not judging the sequences.

The Top 4

4. “Butter-Fly ~ tri. Version ~” — Digimon Adventure tri.

Thank you, Kouji Wada, for this gift to the fans who’ve followed this series all these years. Rest in peace.

3. “DiVE!!” — Digimon Universe: Applimonsters OP1

2. “Stand Up” — Digimon Xros Hunters

Well, this is a shock. I hate this season, but I can’t deny that it’s got a nice opening theme.

1. “NEBAGIBA!” (a.k.a. “Never Give Up!”) — Digimon Xros Wars OP1

This theme started off in fourth place, but I kept raising its rank until it landed in first. I guess I need to admit I love it.

Digimon 20th Anniversary Week, Pt. 2: 10 Things Digimon and Winx Club Have in Common

I know I said no more Winx Club posts, but this is gonna focus more on Digimon. These two series couldn’t be any more different. One is a western magical girl series; the other is a classic Japanese shounen about raising monsters. But you’ll be surprised how much they have in common.

Bandai’s 20th-anniversary Digimon Monster virtual pets

1. They’re both long-running series.

Well, of course. Winx Club premiered in 2004. The Digimon anime premiered in 1999, but the concept began as a Tamagotchi-esque virtual pet called Digital Monster in 1997. (I had one. 😁) Bandai released a 20th anniversary edition in 2017.

2. The TV shows have had the same number of seasons.

The second half of Winx Club season eight is airing in Italy now. Digimon’s eighth season, Digimon Universe: Applimonsters, aired from Oct. 2016 to Sept. 2017. Toei hasn’t announced another season yet, but you never know with this franchise.

A screenshot of a Digimon Tamers commercial on Fox Kids

3. Their first three seasons aired on the same channel.

Who could forget 4KidsTV? That’s where the first three seasons of Winx Club premiered in the U.S. But in the 90’s and early 2000’s, 4KidsTV was Fox Kids, which aired the first three seasons of Digimon from Aug. 1999 to June 2002. 4Kids Entertainment bought Fox Kids and relaunched it as FoxBox in Sep. 2002, later rebranding it as 4KidsTV.

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Digimon 20th Anniversary Week, Pt. 1: My 3 Favorite Seasons

20 years ago, seven kids were whisked away from summer camp to a mysterious, virtual world of monsters and adventure…

Digimon has had a special place in my heart since I was in middle school. With Odaiba Memorial Day (Aug. 1) coming soon, I’ve decided to dedicate this week to this franchise I love.

Digimon Adventure

The Digimon anime has eight seasons so far:

  1. Digimon Adventure
  2. Digimon Adventure 02
  3. Digimon Tamers
  4. Digimon Frontier
  5. Digimon Savers (a.k.a. Digimon Data Squad)
  6. Digimon Xros Wars (a.k.a. Digimon Fusion)
  7. Digimon Xros Wars: The Young Hunters Who Leapt Through Time (nicknamed Digimon Xros Hunters)
  8. Digimon Universe: Applimonsters

Seasons one and two take place in the same universe. Tamers, Frontier, and Savers are alternate universes from the Adventure canon and from each other. The Xros Wars (pronounced “Cross Wars”) seasons are another universe, but Xros Hunters united all the previous seasons’ main heroes through…time travel. (Yeah, it didn’t make sense.) Finally, Universe (or Applimonsters) is its own universe.

What are my three favorite seasons? Here they are in reverse order.

3. Digimon Universe: Applimonsters (S8)

Haru Shinkai

This season surprised me. I didn’t think I’d like it, especially since it looked like Xros Wars, but I enjoyed it overall. It reminded me of MegaMan NT Warrior (a.k.a. RockMan.EXE), as well as a kodomo (kids’) series called Net Ghost Pipopa, both of which I liked. (It’s actually a lot like Pipopa — almost enough to call it a rip-off — but I’ll talk about that another day.)

Haru was a nice deviation from the classic gogglehead. Most goggleheads (leaders) are energetic and sporty, but Haru was a shy bookworm without an ounce of athleticism. I loved watching him become more confident and grow into his leadership role. He still doubted himself sometimes, but he stayed determined to help people and be a “true protagonist” like the ones in his favorite books.

2. Digimon Frontier (S4)

A lot of Digimon fans hate this season. I don’t blame them. For one thing, it threw out one of the most lovable aspects of the series: the partner Digimon. Without those friendships, we had to rely on the kids’ relationships, but most of them were standard shounen fare.

Also, Bokomon and Neemon were annoying as heck. I’ll admit it. Especially Neemon. I hated him.

Still, I loved the Digital World in Frontier. Unlike in the world in the previous season, Tamers, it felt alive and interesting to explore.

The “kids turning into Digimon” gimmick put a new twist on the show, too. In the other seasons (except Tamers), the kids hid while their Digimon did all the work. But the Frontier kids fought for themselves, which increased the sense of danger in the story.

1. Digimon Adventure (S1)

Yep, the season that started it all. That’s not why it’s my favorite, though. It just had the most memorable characters, the most legendary villains (Myotismon still rules), and one of the best versions of the Digital World. And nothing beats the friendships between the kids and the partner Digimon in this season.

Hey, fellow Digimon fans, what are your three favorite seasons?

“Heart Wave” — Ryuusei no RockMan (trans. Shooting Star RockMan) OP

tobikau SHIGUNARU sorezore no kyou o nosete
onaji shuuhasuu kasane ai kimi to hanasu
mayoi tamerai o furikiri
soko ni aru hazu no michi o ikou

miageru sora wa kokoro ni tsumoru negai no iro
egaku yume o utsushidasu
kanarazu itsuka kono te fureru asu e no chizu
tsuyoku takaku todoku made kagayaite


  • Since this show got horrible ratings, Capcom never released a full version of the opening theme.

The Kyoto Animation Arson Attack

I’ve started a couple drafts about the Kyoto Animation arson attack last Thursday, but I’m struggling to express my feelings about it. A psychopath walked into a prestigious anime studio, yelled “Die!”, doused the building in gasoline, and set it on fire. 34 people were killed.

How do you wrap your head around something that disturbing? It doesn’t matter if you’re an anime fan or not. People burned to death, and this guy wanted them to. The fact that any human being would do something like that is too hard to understand.

The reason I’m having a hard time talking about this tragedy is I don’t know enough about Kyoto Animation. I’m sad and angry at the loss of 34 talented artists and creators, and I feel for their family members and colleagues. But I’ve never had an emotional connection to the studio itself.

I wanna learn about KyoAni, so I can appreciate their work more.

Here’s my request: recommend your favorite KyoAni series to me. I’ve already seen:

  • All of K-On! (because who hasn’t?)
  • The first two seasons of Free!
  • Almost all of Hyouka (it’s one of my favorite anime ever, and I don’t wanna accept that it’s almost over)
  • Almost all of Amagi Brilliant Park
  • A couple episodes of Tamako Market
  • Maybe one episode of Clannad?

If you think I should finish one of these, or if you have another show you’d recommend, please tell me about it in the comments.

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