“Mission! Health Comes First” — Cells At Work Aniplex English OP

Romaji | English Translation | Aniplex English Ver.

One, two, three, four
We are cells at work!
One, two, three, four
We are working for you!

Another day of sending O2, O2
All throughout the body, every nook and cranny filled
But it’s confusing and now I’m lost, I’m lost!
Though we may seem helpless, we are cells at work for you and so
Here we go!

Let’s get down to work! Let’s get down to work!
Every day’s a struggle, but I gotta pull through

Another day I’m out here slicing, slicing
Filthy germs and viruses, show your ugly face!
Won’t let ‘em get away, I’ll chase ‘em, chase ‘em
We are professionals, we’re cells at work for you and so
Here we go!

Let’s get down to work! Let’s get down to work!
Every day’s a battlefield — you better prepare

37 trillion and we are only two
Still I hope that one day soon, we’ll meet again

Though we don’t know who you are
For your sake, we’re working hard
All of us together are supporting you with all of our hearts
No matter what kind of strife
Each of us would risk our lives
We always take pride in what we do and health comes first!

“Are you working?” “Yes, I’m working”
“Are you working?” “‘Course I’m working!”
Working for you!


Cells At Work Getting an English Dub

Yes! Finally! Aniplex of America is making a dub of Cells At Work (Hataraku Saibou), which will include an English version of the theme song. You can hear it here in their promo video:

The main cast includes Cherami Leigh as Red Blood Cell, Billy Kametz as White Blood Cell (Neutrophil), Robbie Daymond as Killer T Cell, and Laura Post as Macrophage. (See the full cast list here.)

I’ve been waiting for this…and I might have to wait longer. The Blu-ray box set, which will be released August 27, costs $140! And that’s just the pre-order sale! Yikes!

Time to save up! 😅


Restaurant To Another World Mini-Review

I posted this review on DeviantArt last year, but it makes more sense to put it here.

Restaurant To Another World (Isekai Shokudou) is set in a parallel fantasy world with elves, fairies, wizards, dragons, and everything else you’d expect. Every Saturday, doors to a restaurant on Earth called Western Restaurant Nekoya appear in random locations. The fantasy world natives enter and try out different dishes: fried shrimp, spaghetti and meat sauce, crêpes, pork cutlets, etc. Each diner has their own story and a favorite dish they order every visit.

This is a food porn show. Period. The dishes are drawn in exquisite detail to look like near-perfect animated renditions. And of course, the diners react like every bite transports them to Heaven. They describe the flavors, textures, smells, and even sounds like seasoned food critics. It’s so melodramatic that it gets old after a few episodes.

I’m not saying I didn’t like the show, but there wasn’t much to it. After a while, I was more interested in learning about the fantasy world than watching another person eat. But sadly, the fantasy world didn’t matter. It was just there to add flavor (no pun intended), and all the diners’ stories and reasons for coming to the restaurant felt contrived and cheesy.

When I read the name of the show, I thought it would be about a mysterious restaurant on Earth run by magic beings who serve food from their world. Stepping in was like entering another world. It’s funny how my idea was almost the exact opposite of the real plot!

Do I recommend this show? If you’re a foodie, sure. It accomplished its goal: it made me hungry, and I wished I could have a bite of each dish. But if you’re looking for a show with a captivating plot, you might wanna skip this meal.

At least the opening theme is nice. Here’s “One In A Billion” by Wake Up, May’n!

“This Game” — No Game No Life OP

mawari tsuzukeru haguruma ni wa narisagaranai
heikin enjiru tanjou kara hajimatta jigoku

asobi hanbun de kami ga michibiita banjou no sekai
nurui heion o bassari kirisutete
eiko e no kaidan ni sonzai kizamunda

me ni utsuru no wa kanzen shouri no unmei
nanimo kamo keisan doori
kaete yaru somaranai kuuhaku de

WE ARE MAVERICK kyuusai nante iranai
donna rifujin osoou tomo
kateba ii dake no hanashi darou
kakehiki to sainou ga muhai izanau
umare naoshita inochi de tanoshimu sa
jibun dake wa jibun shinjiteru


The Masked Singer Already Renewed For SEASON 3

No joke. Fox hasn’t even made season two yet (as far as we know), but they’re already planning season three. Plus, they’re premiering it after the Super Bowl. (Season two is coming this fall.)

Boy, do they have a lot of confidence in this show! I hope season two draws enough viewers to justify this decision.


A Place Further Than The Universe — Shirase Confronts Hinata’s Bullies

I’m back — at least for now. If I decide to leave again, I’ll let you know.

As my first second action since returning, I wanna share with you another of my favorite scenes from A Place Further Than The Universe. Something I loved about this show is that the four main characters didn’t become friends right away. They acknowledged they were only together because they were headed to the same place.

Did they ever become friends? Of course. Best friends? No, but they got to know each other a little and hoped to have another adventure together someday.

I like it when a show lets relationships develop slowly. Healthy, lasting friendships and romantic relationships don’t happen as quickly as they often do on TV. Even if you feel an immediate connection with someone, it takes years to get to know them well. But you’ll still discover things you didn’t know later on. Not to mention, people change as they grow older.

But I digress.

I just wanted to set up the significance of this scene. Madhouse, the creators of A Place, didn’t rush the characters’ friendships like other shows do. Case in point: this scene is from episode 11: “Bash The Drum Can”. The show only had 13 episodes.

That slower pace helped make moments like this special.

“Saturday Night Question” — Recovery of an MMO Junkie OP

suriherasareta nokoru itami ni
kokoro yugande haritsumete ita
ito wa sonna ni futoku wa nakute

gishin keikai sakete toorezu
toki ni hayashi o mori ni kakushite
jibun ni ayamaru no wa akita yo

ari mo shinai kamen wa hazushi
mou hitotsu mae ni ugokidasu SATURDAY NIGHT

hanayaida akari de mirai terashi michibiku yume to hikari
nazoru you ni furetai n da
modokashiku setsunai yuragu yoru o idakinagara koete
tsugi no tobira akeru made wa
tsugi no tobira aketa no nara