Software Scam: 3DMagix = Blender

Blender is one of the most popular open-source 3D modeling programs available. However, someone has been selling the application under the name “3DMagix.” This is technically legal under the GNU General Public License, but redistributing copyrighted artwork and removing identification (splash screens, copyright notices, etc.), as the seller(s) reportedly did, is forbidden. If you paid for a copy of 3DMagix, you have been scammed. I want to tell you to ask for a refund, but 3DMagix’s website is curiously not working anymore.

You can download the original program for free at The program is currently at version 2.49. For more information on the 3DMagix scam, visit these sites:

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3DMagix: re-branding and selling the free software Blender (Blender Nation)