I’m Baaaack!

See? I told you this blog wasn’t dead! 😀

The truth is I’m taking a break (possibly a permanent one) from my other blog, Una di Noi Winx. I’ve been running it for almost nine years now, but I’m tired of the Winx Club fandom. I don’t feel like I belong there anymore.

The fandom feels like a record stuck on repeat — the same opinions, same types of fanart, same screenshots, same everything year after year. I hope something happens in the eighth season that shakes things up, starts some new discussions, and gives new perspectives on old topics.

I doubt it, though. This fandom tends to downplay or reject new ideas, characters, and whatnot. They worship all the old stuff and never re-evaluate it.

It’s like hoarding. The fandom keeps collecting new stuff (information, characters, etc.), but they don’t know what to do with it. So they pile it on top of everything else, instead of first organizing, rearranging, or throwing away some of the stuff that’s already there.

Anyway, I’ll blog here again while I’m gone from that place (however long that’ll be). I’ve still got some things on my mind. I may or may not mention Winx Club, but this blog was always multi-interest. Besides, I talked about it here before I started Una di Noi Winx.

But I’ve got other series I like, too: Digimon, Ojamajo Doremi, various other anime, Critical Role (still on the Vox Machina campaign), etc. Where else am I gonna talk about them? So pretty much, things are gonna be the way they were all those years ago.

I’m finally back in paradise.


FUNimation’s “Digimon” Fail Corrected

If you haven’t heard, FUNimation is streaming Japanese episodes of Digimon Adventure 02. The current description of the series reads:

Three years have passed since Taichi, Takeru and Hikari’s original adventure, but a new threat arrives in the peaceful DigiWorld – the Digimon Emperor intent on enslaving the Digimon for his own purposes. Two of the original DigiDestined, Hikari and Takeru, return joined by three newcomers: Daisuke, Miyako and lori. Together they go to the DigiWorld and with their Digimon partners Gatomon, Patamon, Veemon, Hawkmon and Armadillomon fight the new menace to save the DigiWorld they love.

Thankfully, someone changed it since I last visited the site on May 13th. Then, it said:

Three years has past from Taichi’s adventure, but a new virus arrives in the peaceful DigiWorld. Due to the virus’ special power, Agumon and others can’t evolve. At the time, Veemon, one of the new type Digimon who is able to evolve into many types of Digimon using a Digi-Egg. Newcomer Hikari is partnered with Veemon, and along with her friends Takeru and Daisuke they venture into the DigiWorld.

Um…no. There’s no virus attacking the Digital World, Hikari (Kari) is a season one veteran, and Daisuke (Davis) is the newbie partnered with Veemon. The new summary is right, except that it blends the language versions. Gatomon, Veemon, and Armadillomon’s Japanese names are Tailmon, V-mon, and Armadimon, respectively, and the Digimon Emperor is called the Digimon Kaiser. Also, the original version uses the terms “chosen children” (選ばれし子供 erabareshi kodomo) and “Digital World” instead of “Digi-Destined” and “Digi-World” (the dubbers were obsessed with putting digi in front of everything).

Pickiness aside, I am thrilled that a company like FUNimation has an interest in Digimon. Maybe they have some other plans for the series…

“Digimon Data Squad” Boxset May Already Be Out

Retailers said it wouldn’t be available until May 26th, but I bought my copy today. So, Digimon fans, call or visit your neighborhood Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy, etc. to see if they already have it in stock. (I paid $30, but Target has it for $20. If you like buying online, Amazon also has it for $20. Comparison shopping works.) As expected, it has three DVDs and a booklet with information about the DATS members and summaries of the thirteen episodes.

I noticed a couple interesting things on the jacket. Fans have been talking about the product description on the publisher’s website (Well Go USA). The last sentence says, “Experience the final Digimon series like never before.” That line, along with the lack of news for a year or two, confirmed for most of us that Digimon is done. However, the boxset itself says, “Experience the newest Digimon series like never before.” (Here’s the proof—sorry about the quality.) Why the change? An error? A cover-up? A glimmer of hope for a season six, perhaps? The show’s still popular. (Why else would they be bringing Digimon RPG to North America and making a sequel?)

The other thing I saw gave me a nice laugh. The image on the back shows Marcus, Agumon, and GeoGreymon, but the picture is…incomplete. I know a Digimon and its partner are joined at the hip, but…

Anyway, I won’t be able to watch the DVDs until Wednesday or Thursday (at the earliest), so that’s when I’ll tell you about the menu, any extras, and things like that. Of course, you may have bought it yourself by then! If so, enjoy!

“Digimon Data Squad” Boxset? Oh, yeah!

Digimon fans, rejoice! A legal boxset of season five, Digimon Data Squad (the English Digimon Savers dub), will become available online on May 26 through retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart. You can pre-order it now on all three sites. The set contains three disks with the first thirteen episodes: “There are Monsters Among Us” to “The Rise of RizeGreymon.” And since it’s labeled “Collection One,” we can expect at least two or three more volumes soon to complete the series.

Besides the English version of Digimon RPG, this might be some of the best Digimon news I’ve heard in a while. While Digimon Data Squad is not my favorite season, it still has its charms, and I am definitely going to buy these DVDs. Plus, it’s about time someone released a real Digimon boxset, instead of the bootlegs floating around. (Do these season one and season two covers look familiar?)

An Amazon user wrote a review of the boxset that ruffled me up a little, so I want to say a few words about the dub versus original “debate.” I’ll speak more about it later, but to summarize, fans should watch what they like. If you like the Japanese version more, fine, but don’t tell the rest of us what to watch. Not everyone thinks dubs are horrible. Personally, I prefer the Digimon dub. The original actually bores me. Does that mean I’m childish just because the dub is marketed towards children? No. It simply means the dub interests me in a way that the original does not. Bottom line. Whatever that appeal is, it isn’t necessarily the same as it is for a younger fan. There are shows I would rather watch the Japanese version of than the English version—Tokyo Mew Mew is an example—but it’s not a quality issue but a taste issue. Everyone have different tastes. That’s what being an individual is about.

That said, back to the point.

If you’re a fan of the show, please buy this boxset. If it’s popular enough, Disney might…might…decide to release not only the rest of this season but the other four as well. What a collection that would be!

“Hirari” (trans. “Nimbly”) – Vocabulary

Learn some Japanese words with lyrics from Hirari! Words are group by parts of speech and then listed in alphabetical order (according to their romanizations).

bokura (僕ら): we (used mostly by males)
chikara (力): strength; power
hane (ç¾½): wing; feather
hoshi (星): star
jidai (時代): the times; period of time
kaze (風): wind; breeze
kokoro (心): heart; spirit
mirai (未来): the future
naka (中): center; middle
sora (空): sky; heavens
tobira (扉): door; gate; opening
tsubasa (翼): wing
yume (夢): dream

kanaeru (叶える): to grant a wish; to fulfill a dream
kirameku (きらめく): to sparkle
koeru (越える): to cross over; to cross; to pass through; to pass over (out of)
maiagaru (舞い上がる): to soar; to fly high; to be whirled up
miageru (見上げる): to look up at
shinjiru (信じる): to believe [in]

mugendai (無限大): infinite; [n.] infinity

futatabi (再び): again; once more; a second time
hirari (ひらり; ヒラリ): lightly; nimbly

Romaji | Japanese | English

“Hirari” (trans. “Nimbly”) – Japanese


空を見上げて さぁ!

未来へ in the sky
信じた! it’s my soul
導け! in the sky
信じた! it’s my soul



未来へ in the sky
信じた! it’s my soul
導け! in the sky
信じた! it’s my soul

NaNa NaNa…
素直な翼 誰にも汚されぬよう
NaNa NaNa…

空を見上げて さぁ!

未来へ in the sky
信じた! it’s my soul
導け! in the sky
信じた! it’s my soul

導け! in the sky
信じた! it’s my soul

“Butter-fly” – English Translation

I’ll become a happy butterfly, ride the sparkling wind
And come to see you soon
Such unnecessary things are better forgotten
This isn’t the time to be joking around

What ~ wow, wow, wow, wow, wow ~ I wonder if we will reach the sky
But ~ wow, wow, wow, wow, wow ~ I don’t even know my plans for tomorrow

Inside the empty world after an infinite dream
Yes, it seems our beloved feelings will become lost, but…
Even with unreliable wings full of images that tend to stay
I’m sure we can fly on my love

I’ll become a merry butterfly, riding the earnest wind
I’ll go anywhere to see you
Since saying ambiguous words is unexpectedly convenient
I’ll shout them out while listening to a hit song

What ~ wow, wow, wow, wow, wow ~ I wonder if it will echo through this town
But, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow ~ even if I expect it, it can’t be helped

Inside the miserable world after an infinite dream
It seems like failing to use common sense isn’t so bad, is it?
Even with awkward wings dyed with images that seem to stay
I’m sure we can fly on my love

Inside the empty world after an infinite dream
Yes, it seems our beloved feelings will become lost, but…
Even with unreliable wings full of images that tend to stay
I’m sure we can fly—oh, yeah