“HUGtto! PreCure” — Please Stop With The Hugging!

We’re three episodes into HUGtto! PreCure. Not sure I like it so far. The characters are…okay (except the freaking baby, but I always hate babies in this show). The animation’s gorgeous. It’s better than Kira Kira PreCure À La Mode‘s by far.

But there’s one thing I can’t stand: the hugging theme. It’s so forced! They’re trying desperately to make it fit into the rest of the show, but it doesn’t. At all.

“Hug the future?” That’s so dumb! And saying “embrace” doesn’t help when everyone’s literally hugging every episode! Speaking of which, having characters ask for and talk about hugs all the time is really, really awkward.

Not to mention, we’ve got this to look forward to:

Their special attack is a magic spirit that hugs the evil out of people….

Really? Really?

Maybe Japan has a thing about hugs or something, but if not, it’s just stupid. Get rid of the hugging, and this season would be 5X better already. It’s still pretty generic, but it’s Pretty Cure-level generic. I don’t expect anything more, so I can’t say I’m disappointed.


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