Software Scam: 3DMagix = Blender

Blender is one of the most popular open-source 3D modeling programs available. However, someone has been selling the application under the name “3DMagix.” This is technically legal under the GNU General Public License, but redistributing copyrighted artwork and removing identification (splash screens, copyright notices, etc.), as the seller(s) reportedly did, is forbidden. If you paid for a copy of 3DMagix, you have been scammed. I want to tell you to ask for a refund, but 3DMagix’s website is curiously not working anymore.

You can download the original program for free at The program is currently at version 2.49. For more information on the 3DMagix scam, visit these sites:

Re-branding Blender (Blender)
3DMagix: re-branding and selling the free software Blender (Blender Nation)


15 thoughts on “Software Scam: 3DMagix = Blender

  1. The 3D Magix site is up and running and I almost fell for it. But the offer sounded too good to be true and the site had that sleazy, scammy, overselling flavor to it, so I did some research and found this page. Thanks for the warning.

  2. Almost got scammed but remembered the slogan “if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is” and I checked it out and it is actually FREE from the proper source. bill

  3. Yep I just finished watching this demo on they’re site and like the old adage goes “if it sounds too good to be true , it probably isn’t”

  4. It sounded so great, I was going to buy it for my son who loves to draw and use the macromedia and Im so glad I googled 3DMagix…Just saved myself $50.00 – can this be downloaded on Windows 7 or Windows Vista?

    • Yes, Blender will run on those systems. Make sure you know your processor (for example, if you have a 64-bit processor, download the 64-bit version of Blender). Here is the latest download page. The program is currently at version 2.5 Alpha 2.

  5. GPL Compliant. Full Source & License Available in CD. Screenshots Licensed Under C.C 2.0
    son of … they sneaked in the blender GPL license in the terms so what they are doing might be legal but so deceiving since they place the link in a very hidden place at the bottom of their page and then the license is mentioned
    making people pay 47 dollars for a program they did not code and is free and open source

  6. i hate them i bought this thing thinking the 3d magix software is actually going to be in theer but tis not 8 hours of training its 6 hours of training those idiots liers and the 3d magix softwarre thats in the 27 dollars package is not even in their they pu blender in that and said its they’re work for something someone else made and i already had blender and i am thinking why the hell did i spen 27 dollars on this s*** if i can find the 6 hours of training videos on youtube the same crap that i already watched already and know they put some one elses work in one – two package and call it tiers thats illega and for those who say its legall the y can suck it because u can get introuble for stilling other peoples work and money grrrr if i knew about this site i wouldnt buy this scamm crap people please read every ones comments and mine becasue this is a SCAMMMMM DO NOT BUY THE SOFTWARE ITS BULL CRAPthank u for ure time

  7. haha he evan says it is blender on his website: ” Blender is the Industry-Leading 3D Modelling / Animation / Game Design Software Used By Animation Studios and Home Users Worldwide”

    NO JOKE!!!!

  8. I also got scammed by buying illusionmage software came from china…It also is nothing more than an older version of Blender….I even used paypal and this scam meeds to be stopped….

  9. i got scammed as a 8 year old im glad i bought it or else i wouldnt have known about blender…

    the sad thing is i have dreams of becoming a movie director and i was soo excited

    waiting 8 weeks for it too arrive*

    i was planning writing scripts and all


    the disk was corrupted
    i asked for a refund but they dont give money back after 8 weeks…

    they are bullshit

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