“Digimon Data Squad” Boxset? Oh, yeah!

Digimon fans, rejoice! A legal boxset of season five, Digimon Data Squad (the English Digimon Savers dub), will become available online on May 26 through retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart. You can pre-order it now on all three sites. The set contains three disks with the first thirteen episodes: “There are Monsters Among Us” to “The Rise of RizeGreymon.” And since it’s labeled “Collection One,” we can expect at least two or three more volumes soon to complete the series.

Besides the English version of Digimon RPG, this might be some of the best Digimon news I’ve heard in a while. While Digimon Data Squad is not my favorite season, it still has its charms, and I am definitely going to buy these DVDs. Plus, it’s about time someone released a real Digimon boxset, instead of the bootlegs floating around. (Do these season one and season two covers look familiar?)

An Amazon user wrote a review of the boxset that ruffled me up a little, so I want to say a few words about the dub versus original “debate.” I’ll speak more about it later, but to summarize, fans should watch what they like. If you like the Japanese version more, fine, but don’t tell the rest of us what to watch. Not everyone thinks dubs are horrible. Personally, I prefer the Digimon dub. The original actually bores me. Does that mean I’m childish just because the dub is marketed towards children? No. It simply means the dub interests me in a way that the original does not. Bottom line. Whatever that appeal is, it isn’t necessarily the same as it is for a younger fan. There are shows I would rather watch the Japanese version of than the English version—Tokyo Mew Mew is an example—but it’s not a quality issue but a taste issue. Everyone have different tastes. That’s what being an individual is about.

That said, back to the point.

If you’re a fan of the show, please buy this boxset. If it’s popular enough, Disney might…might…decide to release not only the rest of this season but the other four as well. What a collection that would be!


5 thoughts on ““Digimon Data Squad” Boxset? Oh, yeah!

  1. I know you posted this a long time ago but just saying I’m supporting aswell. Australia who has been in a terrible state when it came to Digimon (for years you couldn’t get merchandise, episodes on TV, DVD’s and the games actually stopped being released here so we missed out on all the DS Digimon games and the late PS2 games).

    We suddenly got Digimon on a different channel as of this year. Of course being the data squad series. They’re planning on merchandise assuming they can revive it here so I’ve been in full support upon it’s arrival on TV even though it’s on a horrible time in Australia (6:30am). I’m making alot of effort to help this take off and so far there’s been some success. Digimon episodes are no long 1 day a week but also on a Digital channel 5 days a week. Still haven’t gotten it out of that horrible time slot but it’s a work in progress.

    Australia just released the first set aswell only a few weeks ago which I made an effort to blog on a site I knew quite a few Australia Digimon fans visited and also bought a copy for myself. Interesting thing is I noticed one of the websites has sold out of Digimon DVD’s which means they’re selling. Now if only Australia can get the games. Still working towards that.

    I want the early episodes aswell and will make ever effort to try and revive Digimon.

    This is coming from a returning Digimon fan. Digimon world dusk got me back into Digimon after I had quit years ago. I found it at a store which imported games. I found this wasn’t an Australian release and the Digimon DS games never had a release in Australia. I was lucky to get the DS game while I did because the store didn’t import anymore. However data squad series helped to pull me right back in.

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