“Hirari” (trans. “Nimbly”) – Vocabulary

Learn some Japanese words with lyrics from Hirari! Words are group by parts of speech and then listed in alphabetical order (according to their romanizations).

bokura (僕ら): we (used mostly by males)
chikara (力): strength; power
hane (羽): wing; feather
hoshi (星): star
jidai (時代): the times; period of time
kaze (風): wind; breeze
kokoro (心): heart; spirit
mirai (未来): the future
naka (中): center; middle
sora (空): sky; heavens
tobira (扉): door; gate; opening
tsubasa (翼): wing
yume (夢): dream

kanaeru (叶える): to grant a wish; to fulfill a dream
kirameku (きらめく): to sparkle
koeru (越える): to cross over; to cross; to pass through; to pass over (out of)
maiagaru (舞い上がる): to soar; to fly high; to be whirled up
miageru (見上げる): to look up at
shinjiru (信じる): to believe [in]

mugendai (無限大): infinite; [n.] infinity

futatabi (再び): again; once more; a second time
hirari (ひらり; ヒラリ): lightly; nimbly

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