“Winx Club” Dub Confusion

A lot of people are confused about the dubbing of Winx Club. People seem to think there’s only one English dub (the 4Kids TV one) and two versions of it with different voice actors—or something like that. I want to clear everything up now.

There are two English dubs: the 4Kids TV dub and “Rai English” dub.

The 4Kids TV dub, made by 4Kids Entertainment, aired in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. Now it can be seen on 4KidsTV’s website, www.4kids.tv. This company is often criticized for modifying their shows into oblivion. Tokyo Mew Mew‘s dub, Mew Mew Power, and Ojamajo Doremi‘s dub, Magical DoReMi, are examples. Both shows were popular in Japan—especially Ojamajo Doremi, which had four seasons and two movies—but when their dubs came out, fans of the originals were so annoyed with 4Kids TV’s myriad of changes that Mew Mew Power lasted about half of its original run and Magical DoReMi only finished one season, mostly online. Winx Club, however, was more successful and ran all three seasons. It’s unknown if 4Kids TV will dub the upcoming fourth season.

The other dub was made in Quebec by a company called Cinélume. Commonly called the “Rai English” dub, it is said to be much closer to the original Italian version, with fewer cuts and scripts changes and more of the same terms and names, such as Domino as the name of Bloom’s home world (instead of Sparx in the 4Kids TV version). This dub is included on Italian DVD’s of the show and is the official English language version on www.winxclub.com. (The 4Kids’s site is referred to as “USA English.”) Also, as of now, only Cinélume has dubbed the movie, Secret of the Lost Kingdom. The Rai English dub airs in eastern English-speaking countries like Singapore, even though it is sometimes mistakenly called the European dub. It’s likely that Cinélume will dub season 4, but I haven’t heard for certain.

These two do have some overlaps. (Both renamed Aisha “Layla,” for example.) In season 3, strangely, the two scripts were almost identical. The reason could be that 4Kids TV might have rushed through their dub, as there are some inconsistencies with their version. However, in the dub of the movie, some of 4Kids’s terms were used (for example, Bloom called her planet Sparx). Will there no longer be two English dubs? We might find out soon. According to new information on Wikipedia (take it with a grain of salt), season 4 will premier in Italy on March 25.


4 thoughts on ““Winx Club” Dub Confusion

  1. Interesting. Yeah, I am grateful that 4Kids imported and ran Winx Club. Sadly I have had to become accostomed to watered down or outright changed translations for American broadcast. I do like to watch subtitled where possible.

    That is how I watched the Secret of the Lost Kingdom just recently. I wrote a take on it for my blog if you want to check it out.
    I included a lot of pictures because I am sure many Winx fans have not seen it yet. (Also the pics just look cool!)

  2. […] This suggests to me we probably won’t get a dub from 4Kids TV. Last month (the 13th), there was a report on Michael’s Winx Club claiming 4Kids said a dub “would not come out…anytime near the future” (probably “in the near future”). Also, remember how the Singapore English dub of Secret of the Lost Kingdom used 4Kids dub terms? For example, Bloom calls her home world “Sparks” instead of Domino. Why would Cinélume do that? Could it have been a way to combine the two English dubs? […]

  3. I think Cinelume made the english dub in collaboration with Rainbow S.p.a., because the opening songs and the transforming songs (except season 3) are sung by the same person. Just listen to the italian dub and the rai english dub of season 1, 2 and 4 and compare.

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