Objective Dub Comparison Site (A Follow-up to “Uncensored”)

If you need an example of what I was talking about in “Uncensored,” check out this site: Royal Patraine, which shows the differences between Ojamajo Doremi and its 4Kids dub Magical DoReMi, besides also being a general Ojamajo Doremi fan site. (The link goes to the page on Magical DoReMi.) While the site’s incomplete and a little hard to read, there’s not a lot of bias in the episode pages, and there’s a separate link to the site owner’s opinion on the dub. (She says she doesn’t “believe in dub bashing and 4Kids-bashing,” which is probably why this site is more objective.)


One thought on “Objective Dub Comparison Site (A Follow-up to “Uncensored”)

  1. Hey!! I saw that you linked my site a month ago but I keep forgetting to comment on that. Thanks for visiting (and linking!!) my site. 🙂 I’m also hoping you can delineate as how it is hard to read. Is it the bullets, my crappy grammar, or both? Any feedback is appreciated and I’m super glad you voiced this out in general. Thank you@

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