Are you a fan of Digimon?

Have you heard of the site Digimon Uncensored? It shows the differences between the Japanese and English versions of the show. Commentary on three of the five seasons is complete, with the others close to being finished.

It’s a great site…except for all the bias.

Usually, people who hate anime dubs are the ones who make sites like this one. The real purpose seems to be to bash the dub, which becomes clear when you see categories like “Stupid Dialogue.” What’s the problem? Not everyone thinks the extra dialogue in the Digimon dub (or any other dub) is stupid. It also annoys me when these people start slamming the dubbing company, too. You try dubbing an anime if you think you’d be better at it!

Don’t get me wrong—I don’t mind people having their own opinion, although when I see bad things written about something I like, it puts me down. If you’re going to make a site like this one, it ought to be just the facts (this was cut, this dialogue was added, this plot point was changed, etc.) and not your opinion (or have a separate place for it).

There’s another reason I’m not a fan of Digimon Uncensored: the dirty language. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, read the commentaries for Digimon Frontier. I can’t tell you how sick it makes me to hear someone call one of the characters a filthy slang word for a body part.

“So,” I hear you say, “just don’t go to the site anymore and stop whining about it!”

Fine with me, but I’m not done with the whole business yet. I’m thinking about making my own site just as I described—just the facts, no fooling around. Maybe someone will appreciate it.


2 thoughts on “Uncensored

  1. Hiya. 😀

    Why don’t you edit the Digimon Wiki episode summaries to include the differences between the original and dubbed versions? It would help keep it in one place so the wiki can be used as a centralised resource for Digimon information. :3

  2. —Quote—

    I’m thinking about making my own site just as I described—just the facts, no fooling around. Maybe someone will appreciate it.

    —End quote—

    Yeah!! ^^

    Please make an unbiased version; I wouldn’t mind helping out too. People who enjoy the dubbed versions should not have to go through such animosity just to see how the sub and dub versions differ… -_-:;

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