This is the Prattler’s Paradise

Ah, finally, a place where I can talk about anything I want (so long as I don’t offend anybody, which I don’t intend to).

Well, seriously, that’s why I started this blog. Let me get out my violin for a moment.

I love to talk about random things – stuff from my favorite anime, the color of the sky, “philosophical” rants – but I never find the right audience. The people I talk to either don’t want to hear me talk or think what I have to say is too meaningless. So, why make a blog? Because I can say whatever I want to (meaningless or not), and if people want to read it, they can, and if they don’t, they don’t have to but they can’t shut me up (delete my comments, erase my profiles, leave the room, go to sleep, etc.) – well, again, so long as I don’t offend anybody.

Okay, putting away the violin now.

So, this is “The Prattler’s Paradise.” What is prattle? According to, “idle or foolish and irrelevant talk,” making a prattler someone who talks about idle, foolish, or irrelevant things. So, what will I talk about? As I said, stuff from my favorite anine, stuff about life – whatever. Will it be important? Some of it might be and some of it won’t be, but hopefully someone will want to read it anyway.

Well, that’s my intro. To those who choose to stick around, welcome!


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